Introducing a New Age in Data Recovery

Built with the consumer and IT shops in mind, from Pricing to Service, designed to save your hard earned money!
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Balanced Services

We focus on providing Advanced Data Recovery services at a low price that defies expectations!

Extensive Reporting

We provide the most extensive reporting available in our industry, keeping the consumer in mind!

Innovation is the Key

Constant innovation provides unmatched service through software development and reporting!

Lightning Fast

With an average of a 72hr Diagnostic timeline, stay up to speed with minimal delays and fast progress!

Low Cost Pre-Clean Room Lab

Not every Data Recovery needs Clean Room or Micro-Soldering services, and our service focuses on ensuring that you or your client are not paying for more than what is actually needed. Our services focus on an extensive screening and recovery process to ensure your recovery cost is as low as possible.

Our Data Recovery service screens recoveries to determine the needs of your recovery to ensure that you only pay for the level of recovery actually needed, at a low flat rate price with an array of discounts for our Military, Veterans, Police, FireFighters, EMS, Students, Instructors/Teachers, and IT Shops! We priced our services based on the worth of the service, not on what you are willing to pay, leading to lower service costs.

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Fast and Free Diagnostics

With no initial diagnostic fees and with FREE shipping, you can be confident in our focus: To save consumers from high recovery costs while developing a successful recovery solution, even if its not with us! We work with other clean rooms to get you the lowest price possible if we are unsuccessful.

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It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!

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Utilize our EZ-Navigation Wizard to easily submit your Data Recovery within minutes, starting the recovery process.

Ship Your Device

Using your FREE provided shipping label, pack your device and ship with USPS Medium Flat Rate Box to our Lab for diagnostics.

Track Your Recovery

Log into our tracking system to easily track your recovery, approve advanced tasks, and review Clean Room bids.

Versitle Services

Utilize our services to develop a successful recovery, regardless of the recovery path needed.

Extensive CRI Reports

Our CRI Reports are specifically designed to enhance the understanding of your recoveries' complexities and issues.

Lightning Fast

Our unique recovery process saves time and energy, resulting in a 72hr diagnostic timeline to get your data back fast!

Transparent Information

We take pride in communicating accurate and unrestricted information about the recovery process and your recovery.

Services for You

All of our services are tailored to our clients to save you money and respect your time.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our diagnostics go beyond a simple answer, providing information to enhance your understanding of the issues.

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FREE shipping and a 72hr Diagnostic timeline, built for you in mind!

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